Spokane Crime Victim Service Center

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Crime Victim Services


Definition - Personal Support and/or assistance with issues resulting from Victimization.

Goal - Ensure adequate support to enhance recovery from victimization and/or reduce the risk of re-victimization.


  • Ongoing personal support, including outreach calls and/or visits
  • Assistance in obtaining services to enhance healing and recovery
  • Advocating for victim choices and rights with individuals and service providers
  • Speaking on behalf of victims if requested or needed
  • Assistance in obtaining benefits or restoring basic needs
  • Assist caller/client in identifying and prioritizing the emergency needs

Crisis Intervention

Definition - A personal response to an individual impacted by crime, provided in a variety of settings.

Goal - Alleviate acute distress resulting from the impact of a crime, to begin stabilization, and assist in determining the next steps.


  • Assess immediate needs and concerns
  • Facilitate emotional stabilization
  • Provide information regarding resources and referrals
  • Help victim identify and plan the next steps

Information and Referral

Definition - Connecting victims of crime and others impacted by violence and/or crime to appropriate resources.

Goal - Respond, as appropriate, to requests for information, assistance, and/or referrals related to crimes specific to the individual’s needs.


  • Assist caller/client in identifying and prioritizing what is needed
  • Provide information about available resources/services
  • Provide referrals to appropriate resources/services

Legal Advocacy

Definition - Personal support and assistance with victims of crime to ensure their interests are represented and their rights upheld within the civil and criminal justice systems.

Goal - Educate and assist victims in navigating the civil and criminal justice systems; assist victims in evaluating advantages and disadvantages of participating in a legal processes; facilitate victims’ access and participation in the legal systems; and promote victims’ choices and rights to the individual within the legal system.


  • Assert and advance a victim’s choices and rights
  • Provide assistance in making informed choices and decisions about police reporting
  • Provide information about the local, state, federal and tribal justice systems, civil remedies, and victim rights
  • Provide support during investigative and legal processes
  • Actively Monitor case through the legal system
  • Provide assistance in obtaining criminal and civil orders
  • Provide information about civil remedies
  • Provide information and advocacy related to immigration status
  • Provide referrals to legal resources as appropriate

Medical Advocacy

Definition - Personal Support and assistance for victims of crime to ensure healthcare needs are addressed and rights are upheld.

Goal - Assist victims to regain personal power and control in making decisions regarding medical care and to promote an appropriate response from individual service providers.


  • Assert and advance a victim’s choices and rights
  • Provide support in obtaining health related information and care
  • Provide assistance in making informed decisions about medical procedures for the purpose of collection and preservation of evidence
  • Provide support at medical exams and appointments Provide information and assistance in obtaining relevant benefits

(Victims of Crime Service Standards and Definitions, June 2009)