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History of The Spokane Crime Victim Service Center

In July 2005, the Washington State Strategic Plan for Victim Services was released. The Strategic Plan for Victim Services provides a framework to guide both public and private investment in services for victims of crime, such as assault, robbery, child abuse, vehicular homicide, property crime, trafficking, hate/bias crimes, kidnapping, and survivors of homicide victims. The plan has been developed with input from victims of crime, law enforcement, the courts, the corrections system, and both system-based and community-based victim service providers.

The Plan is built upon the underlying belief that all crime victims should have access to high quality, culturally appropriate, victim centered services. To achieve this, it is necessary to support and facilitate the development of services that are accessible, effective, and victim-centered for all crime victims.

This Plan outlined numerous outcomes and strategies to be implemented by the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy. Specifically, these outcomes were:

  • Comprehensive services are available for all victims of crime.
  • Standards for victim service providers are developed and implemented.
  • All victims of crime have access to information about rights and resources.
  • Culturally appropriate services are available for victims of crime in marginalized or underreported groups.

In order to ensure the comprehensive service are available for all victims of crime, the Plan further recommended the creation of Crime Victim Service Centers (CVSC). A CVSC is envisioned as a coalition of service providers who link resources to make comprehensive, culturally appropriate services available to crime victims statewide. The Center is not necessarily a physical location. Instead, it is a collaborative effort among service providers to provide comprehensive services to victims of all crimes.

(Victims of Crime Service Standards and Definitions, June 2009)